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Minimum purchase amount 0,25 BNB



Cubomix is a farm development game. By contributing to the production of cubomix with your special animals, you are entitled to receive farming and stake awards. You can get a larger share of the prize pool by checking your special animals regularly to help them jump the level. All animals are produced in a limited edition. You can trade your animals on Cubomix market, as well as you can trade them with CBMX in your mining operations. Remember that animals need you to regularly show interest in them.

1 CUBOMIX Token (CBMX) = $1

Token supply: 10,000,000 CBMX

Token distribution:

Pre-sale - 20%

Marketing - 4%

Team - 4%

Airdrop - 2%

Advisers- 3%

Business Expenses- 2%

Game farming/Staking - 65%

Free To Play, Play to Earn
Our Vision
  • Cubomix is a utility platform that gives everyone the chance to participate in token trading of the world for the future of gaming and investment.

  • Cubomix platform provides a best-in-class gaming experience and an easy-to-use user interface.